Woman Suing Chuck E. Cheese Restaurant over Illegal Gambling for Kids

A San Diego mother is suing the restaurant chain that owns Chuck E. Cheese for $5 million because she thinks the games inside their kiddies arcades promote gambling.

According to real estate agent Debbie Keller, a mother of two kids aged 3 and 5, the games are really illegal gambling devices like roulette and slot machines and exposing children to these machines only encourages them to develop “a serious gambling habit”.

The $5 million suit is for damages and restitution… which makes me wonder what are the damages? Are your kids already gambling addicts that go nuts every time you drive by a casino? Are they running a backyard card game for hard candy stakes?

Keller’s lawyer does insist the money is secondary and what his client really wants is the games in question pulled from all the Chuck E. Cheese locations. Chuck E. Cheese’s lawyers are seeking a dismissal.

But this all leads to that always burning question… when is it the responsibility of the parent to help guide their child? If you don’t like their games how about going to another restaurant? The last time I checked nobody went to Chuck E. Cheese for fine dining – they go for the chance to let a bunch of arcade games babysit their kids.



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