Oh My God I Hit My Dad With A Car

21-year old Brittannie Wagner might never leave the house again without her glasses… or maybe she might if that smirk in her mugshot says more than her words did.

Driving home from a night out with friends the Florida native hit a man walking down the street at 1a.m. Wagner apparently thought it was an animal or a garbage can until the passenger told her it was a person.

What did Wagner do? No she didn’t stop. She yelled:
“Oh my God I hit my Dad.”

Wagner’s fiance, Kevin Rodriquez, told authorities it wasn’t because she could see him. That would be silly because she’s apparently almost as blind as a bat without her glasses and she wasn’t wearing them. No, she knew it was her Dad because that’s the route he always takes home when he’s walking home from shooting pool.

Did she go back then to see how her 42year old father was? Nope.

Police pulled her over for leaving the scene of an accident and she was also charged with failing to comply with restrictions on her license for not wearing her glasses.

Dad Oliver Wagner was treated for minor injuries and is now getting his daughter out of jail.

You might want to second guess that decision Pops. Darling baby girl looks a little too happy in that mug shot to get out a jail free. [Smoking Gun]


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