End of World Postponed According to Rapture Prophet

Well, those waiting for Rapture will have to wait a little longer, according to the evangelical preacher who’s behind the whole thing… at least he’s behind the publicizing of the whole thing.

Harold Camper, founder of the independent Family Church, says he got the date wrong when he predicted doomsday would come for 200,000 people Saturday, May 21, 2011 through earthquakes and other natural disasters.

Having spent millions on 5,000 billboards and 20 RVs covered in the message (some coming from donations) Camper says he was so ashamed his prediction fell flat he and his wife hid in a motel.

However, Camper does say he’s not embarrassed by the incident. Hiding is proof of that for sure.

Now Camper is saying he realizes his error – that October 21st is the actual date for Rapture and he’s quick to point out this was his original prophecy.

This isn’t the first time Camper has gotten his dates wrong. His 1994 end of world prediction didn’t happen due to a “mathematical error.”

How many faulty end of world predictions does someone have to make before their discredited? Hmmmm… I guess if you want to know follow Harold Camper’s preachings and we might find out. If October 21st falls flat that will be 2 in one year. That’s gotta be some kind of a record. [Telegraph]


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