Olympic swimmer accidentally buries himself alive

Definitely don’t try this… not at home and certainly not while you are on vacation.

While vacationing in Florida a 19-year-old Austrian Olympic swimmer accidentally buried himself alive. Jakub Maly was chilling on the beach with teammates when he thought digging an enormous hole would be a good idea. Not the strangest of ideas really, pretty much everyone who’s gone to the beach has dug a big hole. This hole was about 2 metres deep (6.5 feet) and Maly jumped in for fun.

Then things took a turn for the unexpected: as soon as he landed, the sand collapsed around him, leaving young Jakub completely buried. Teammates scrambled to dig his face out so he could breath but were unable to free him and called 911. It took almost 60 people two hours to dig Jakub out of his hole in the sand. He spent the next night in hospital and then flew back to Austria. [Newslite]


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