Woman Cuts off Man’s Penis to Bring to Cops as Evidence

Monju Bengum doesn't mess around when you mess with her.

Monju Bengum doesn't mess around when you mess with her.

A married father of five in southern Bangladesh has learned messing with the wrong woman will cost him his manlyhood.

Mozammel Haq Mazi is being hospitalized after his neighbour Monju Bengum chopped off his penis.

Why she cut off his story is still up in the air. The married mother of three says after months of harassment Mazi tried to rape her so she cut off his penis and took it to police as evidence.

Mazi says it was a revenge chopping. According to him the two were having an affair and when he refused to leave his wife to run away with her she cut off his member. If that’s the case then she’s really making sure no woman can have him after her.

Doctors at the hospital where Mazi’s being treated say they were unable to reattach the penis since police didn’t bring it to them until several hours after the dismemberment happened. Now they are teaching Mazi how to urinate without it.

After Mazi’s release from hospital he’ll be arrested on charges of attempted rape.

Police in Mizapur village, where the chopping took place, say as far as they know it’s the first time someone has brought in a severed penis as evidence.

There’s always a first for everything. [BBC]

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