Drunk man caught while trying to perform surgery on dog, BUSTED

Stewart Gibbs - enemy of man's best friend

Stewart Gibbs - enemy of man's best friend

A Chicago man who tried to operate on his dog while drunk has been charged with one count of animal cruelty.

Stewart Gibbs, 44, was found red handed (literally covered in blood) when police showed up at his apartment after receiving a tip about him.

Obviously wasted, Gibbs told officers he was a cardiologist and was removing a cyst from his Doberman’s ear. Not as dumb as the drunkard, the cops checked this out and found no medical license for Gibbs.

So either Gibbs was lying to save his butt or he was so loaded he truly thought he was a doctor. Regardless, alcohol and surgery just don’t mix and Gibbs was charged and he willingly gave up custody of his dog.

Doggie is doing fine after being taken to emergency and brought to an animal shelter.

Police say the dog didn’t struggle or snarl when officers took him away. No wonder. He was probably glad to be out of the grasp of the knife wielding booze-hound he’d been living with. [NY Daily News]


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