Woman Goes Crazy over Breaking Dawn Trailer

While it is completely understandable that people have favorite movies that they really enjoy and it’s totally understandable that people feel passionate about things, I don’t get how someone can get so emotional and over the top about a trailer for a movie.

In the video below (and be warned there is swearing) the woman films herself while watching the trailer for Breaking Dawn – the final chapter of the Twilight Series.

She freaks out. She cries. She swears. She goes hysterical.

She asks herself over and over again why it has to be over.

Because it’s a movie. It’s not real. Get your head in check girl. You can buy the DVD and watch it all the time.

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No offense meant to any Twihards out there but this is a wee bit too much especially coming from a grown woman.

I mean what kind of life do you have if this is what brings you to tears? Either you have no life or this is all a big acting improv done for the world to see cause you are not landing jobs.

Seriously, get a life and realize that fiction doesn’t warrant this type of hysterics. [Buzzfeed]

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