Instructional videos bring new meaning to “Do It Yourself”

She can [task] my [household fixture] any time. Yes, it works for anything.

She can (task) my (household fixture) anytime. Yes, it works for anything. has released a series of instructional videos demonstrating how one might wax a surfboard, change strings on a guitar, fix a leaky sink, and generally be useful around a house instead of sitting at the computer in boxers all day.  This is not news.

However, the Eyehandy videos are presented by barely-dressed girls, often exerting themselves in a variety of poses and camera angles.  In one instance, Big Brother’s Rachel Reilly makes a milkshake – possibly one of the easiest culinary tasks known to man – but obviously, the point isn’t the milkshake.

And though I’m entirely supportive of the DIY ethic, it seems to me that these videos encourage a kind of DIY done behind closed doors – why else would I care about removing grip tape from a skateboard? []

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