Man refuses to let bomb blast interrupt his workout [video]

What do you normally do when a bomb goes off next door to you? If it is the first time it has happened to you, chances are you would stop everything you were doing and say, “WTF was that?!” Then you would proceed towards the window with caution and try to make sense of the situation. New Zealander Cameron Leslie, it would seem, is made of different stuff to the common man. Rather than panicking, getting scared, or soiling his drawers when Anders Behring Breivik detonated his car bomb a short distance away, Leslie just kept doing what he was doing: lifting really heavy weights.

Cameron was kind enough to inform viewers in New Zealand (and now around the world) that at the time of the blast he was part way into his “eighth repetition of a 165 kg bench press” – which, as he was kind enough to point out, “is quite a lot of weight.” Fortunately, Cameron got through the ordeal, finished his sets (naturally) and left the building with his workout unscathed.

For the record, what happened to Cameron would have been scary – who knows what to say in a situation like that? It seems that the situation got the better of him and he end up with a really bad case of foot in mouth. Naturally, a good number of the Kiwi commenters took to 3 News NZ to share their views. While I find some of their responses amusing, I do wish to remind everyone that we are laughing with/at Cameron and not about the terrible events that occurred in Oslo the other day.

NZer in Oslo wrote:

I was in a restaurant, on my 8th 165kg Burger. When the bomb went off, naturally I finished off my burgers.

A presumably fake Cameron added:

Kia ora again everyone. Thanks for all your real choice messages of support. Without them and my trusty patu and tiaha i don’t know how i would’ve battled my way through war-torn oslo. Just to clarify on my interview i was actually on my eighth rep in the third set of my fourth session for the week but i was only shaking from the blast, not fatigue. The gym also said they’d re-open tomorrow so at least thats a positive out of all this carnage i suppose. I better be on my bike to my next interview now with wank magazine. Haere ra.

Myron Ganes was either more encouraging or really, really sarcastic:

Awesome story. Great size. Look thick. Solid. Tight. Keep us all posted on your continued progress with any new progress pics or vid clips. Show us what you got man. Wanna see how freakin’ huge, solid, thick and tight you can get. Thanks for the motivation.

George took things to ridiculous extremes:

i was laying down bench pressing the house, with one arm whilst taking a sip of my protein shake, on my 18th repetition, you know george like i was pumping them out and then i herd the blast, so naturally after finishing my protein shake i then proceeded to finish my set pumped out another 27 reps of this 18 story complex, and here i am. alive.

Finally, SZQ took the time to settle an old beef:

I use to flat with this guy….. he was a tosser then and he obviously still is. Good to see you can lift 165kg now when back then you couldnt even lift a finger you lazy prick.

Please take the time to watch this SNL skit in honor of Cameron’s tremendous achievement.

How Much Ya Bench


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