The Apple Store Challenge [Video]

New York comedian Mark Malkoff has been up to his old tricks – this time he has taken his show into Apple Stores. In the Apple Store Challenge, Malkoff goes into Apple Stores armed only with a camera, a few props and some tasteless but funny antics.

According to Mark:

It’s amazing what the Apple Store will allow. There are hundreds of videos online of customers singing and dancing in the middle of the store. Not only do they allow house pets, but I have heard of customers successfully bringing in snakes. I can’t imagine that being tolerated at any other store.

Crazy things that Mark managed to do at Apple Stores included:
-Bring a goat in and staying for over fifteen minutes
-Get his iPhone fixed while dressed as Darth Vader
-Successfully have a pizza delivered to the second floor of the Apple Store in SoHo
-Have a romantic date with his wife that included being served dinner by a waiter and having a musician play romantic music on a trumpet

So is Apple too nice? You be the judge

–Thanks Mark!

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