Son kills mother because he doesn’t want to play Yahtzee

in some families a game of chance in more ways than one

As the mother of a 2-year old who is equal parts brilliant, sweet and demanding, I find this story utterly disturbing. Add to this the fact I’m constantly reading stories from experts who say we’re ruining our kids by doing too much for them and creating monsters as adults. What you get is I’m completely tripped out by the lack of respect these boys had for their mother and wondering if she somehow did something to encourage it, maybe not by nagging but by letting them get away with being brats their whole lives.

What happened?

tamara mason

It was Christmas Day and Tamara Mason wanted to play Yahtzee with her three teenage sons in their Alberta, Minnesota home. The boys, who all have the surname Cobb, didn’t want to. Mom must have persisted and the youngest, Jacob age 17, snapped off. Putting a plastic bag over his mothers head he then proceeded to choke the life out of her with a belt. With his hands he took his mother’s life as his older brothers Andrew (18) and Dylan (age unknown) did nothing but watch.

jacob cobb - the ungrateful son who strangled his mother

After their mother was dead the three boys proceeds to debate how they should get rid of her body. The ground was frozen so they decided to put her in a garbage bin in the garage. Tamara was reported missing 2 days later but not once did the police in Alberta, Minnesota think of looking in the house for her. I guess the boys were such law abiding citizens the thought of them using their bare hands to take the last breath from the woman who gave them life never crossed their mind.

Nonetheless…. they were eventually caught.

andrew cobb watched as his brother killed his mother then helped bury her

Four months later, around Easter, the boys decided the ground was soft enough to bury their mother. I’m sure the smell of decaying flesh added to this decision. However, it seems when it come to the gene pool the brothers are not only cruel, vicious, selfish, ungrateful males, but also not so smart. Apparently they need to as advice on how to bury a body.

Oldest sibling, Dylan, decided he would call on a much wiser friend and ask his advice. Said friend, being much smarter than the Cobb snots, put the pieces together and figured out who did away with Tamara. Police eventually found Tamara’s body in the backyard grave and the brothers are arrested.

Jacob is charged with murder since he did the deed and might be tried as an adult. Andrew helped with the burial so he’s being charged as an accessory. And Dylan took part in discussing how to get rid of the body and also watch… so he’s also charged.

And poor mom is not trying to reach out to her boys anymore.

Just remember this, any youth who maybe reading this and thinking you’re mom is so nagging with chores and wanting to spend family time you can relate. Once she’s gone she’s gone. And if you can relate to this get your selfish head out of your behind and learn the meaning of respect.

Stories like this make me want to cry. Life is worth more than some stupid issue at that moment. And as a mother I can only imagine her hurt as she felt the life leave her by the hands of her youngest child. [Source | Image]


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