Man tells judge his profession is criminal [FAIL]

mugshot of Willie David Rice

mugshot of Willie David Rice

In the world of the stupid criminal…

A Florida man made his ruling a clear case of “guilty” when the judge asked him what his job title was and he told the truth – criminal.

It was the first time in 22-years that U.S. District Judge William Dimitrouleas heard such an answer.

Perhaps the 45-year old defendant, Willie David Rice, took his oath to tell the truth seriously and couldn’t lie or perhaps he is just not the smartest cookie in the box. Whatever the case, he told the judge he’s never had a legitimate job and is a criminal.

Rice was one of three people arrested during a raid on a brothel in May called the Boom Boom Room where it seems he worked as a guard. He has plead guilty to possession of a firearm and could serve up to 10-years in jail.

Hmmm… maybe jail is like a retirement savings plan for criminals? [Source]


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