Milk The Cow app for iPhone goes pro

The acclaimed Milk The Cow app, designated by farmers worldwide as the number one cow milking app on the Apple Store, has gone pro. A new version of the cow milking application has been released on August 31st by Lemodo, with a new update this week to version 1.2. From a company who also gifted the app world with such imaginative titles as Mega Fart Machine, Baby Sex Radar and my personal favorite, Tomato Smash, Milk The Cow Pro is described as the logical evolution of Milk The Cow classic.

Hilariously, at the Apple Store, customers who bought Milk The Cow Pro, also bought FatGoo Lite. FatGoo Lite is an app designed to show you what you’d look like if you were fat. For our American cousins, there’s another free app that does the same thing and doesn’t actually require an iPhone. We call it a mirror.

This Pro version of Milk The Cow includes all kinds of new cows you can milk, as well as a machine that automatically milks the cow for you. Hey at $0.99 it’s cheaper than a liter of gasoline…

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