Woman gets compensation from husband for not having enough sex

being too tired can cost you thousands....

being too tired can cost you thousands....

Some divorce because they don’t get along, other’s because of infidelity and in France you can divorce your spouse for not having enough sexual relation – and get compensation for it.

In Nice, a 47-year old woman successful divorced her husband of 20 years on the basis he didn’t have enough sex with her. And under article 215 of France’s civil code her 51-year old ex-husband was fined 10,000euros ($13,887 USD) for not putting out enough.

Article 215 states that married couples must have “shared communal life” and according to the judge in the case that means sexual relations.

The husband claimed “tiredness and health problems” kept him from his manly duties in the bedroom. But it wasn’t enough for the judge to grant the divorce and the thousands of dollars in compensation to the wife.

Wonder if the husband got his sex drive back, could he counter sue with “she wasn’t sexy enough for me to want to have sex with her?” [Telegraph]


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