Mom drives 12-year old daughter to fight her bullies, gets in on action BUSTED

Daphne Melin's mugshot after kicking the crap out of a tween

Daphne Melin's mugshot after kicking the crap out of a tween

Bullying is simply wrong. Fighting outside your Elementary school is just as bad. But having your mother drive you to the fight and then kick the crap out of a 12-year old is just unbelievably wrong.

That’s what 32-year old Daphne Melin of Long Island did. Drove her 12-year old daughter to a fight organized on Facebook, watched her daughter fight one of her alleged bullies, and then pushed and kicked a girl who told her she should be breaking up the brawl.

Obviously, mother Melin has been arrested. And remarkably, she’s claiming she’s not “the monster” people are making her out to be even though video from a cell phone show’s her beating the unknown kid.

“I have documentation to prove that these girls started harassing my daughter, and it’s been going on for weeks,” she says. “They instigate things. They are the ones who wanted to go out and fight…It’s just a horrible nightmare and I wish that it could have been resolved earlier with the principal and the school,” adding, “It wasn’t my finest hour.”

According to Melin her daughter was being harassed by older girls at her school (possibly over a boy) and the school said they could do nothing about it because it was happening online and out of their jurisdiction.

Cyberbullying is a serious issue these days and Melin’s lawyer says when she saw her daughter’s mean girls posted on Facebook “We’re going to jump you after school” Melin went along to supervise and “to make sure no weapons were used.”

This is where her story goes a little off since the incident happened on a Sunday. So if they were going to jump her after school why the date change?

Back in the good old days when bullying happened only face to face and not 24-7 with texting and Facebook and Twitter and BBM and MSN chat and so on and so on, when the parent came to a fight the kids all dispersed and the bullied child was embarrassed (but relieved) because Mom saved the day.

The jury’s still out on what this little girl’s therapy costs are going to be. But something tells me having your mom encourage your fight and then get in on the action isn’t going to be helping her social life very much. [Source]


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