Expectant couple tragically discover they are brother and sister

It must have been a Luke & Leia Skywalker moment, and hopefully not a Peacock family moment, when an expectant South African couple discovered that they were brother and sister and that she was carrying her brother’s baby.

The unnamed couple from Bushbuckridge in South Africa had been split up as younglings when their parents separated, but they met later at the university and it was love at first sight. It was only when the pregnancy was discovered and that they were about to observe the ceremony of “lobola”, where the groom pays the fiancee’s hand to her family, that they were discovered to be siblings.

The girl seems to think they will have a child with a future together, whereas the man announced that they had split up and that the child’s future was being discussed. This is a good one for anti-abortionists. What would you do?

In North America, the young man would’ve found his sister out, by observing the North American tradition of “teasing” – with the possible exception of Alabama, where they would likely be married in a pompous ceremony featuring lots of lawnchairs, deep-fried turkey and 1,400 different varieties of shrimp from the Bubba Gump co. Thereafter the resulting child would be elected as a judge, or governor.

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