Man murders wife for damaging Star Wars collection

A Star Wars fan will spend at least the next 12 years in jail after a court sentenced him to jail for life for killing his wife – for smashing his collection of Star Wars memorabilia.

The court heard that 30-year-old Rickie La-Touche, formerly known as Rickie Nehls of Manchester suffocated his 28-year-old Thai wife after learning that she had damaged his Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker pieces – then ran crying to the house of his mother, who lived nearby.

La-Touche told police that his wife’s damaging of his collection was part of her campaign to “make his life hell” – there was also a small matter of her threatening to leave him so that she could return to Thailand. He was found guilty and sentenced to life, which in England equates to at least twelve years of playing hide the lightsaber as a non-paying guest of the Queen. [The Mirror via Nerd Approved]


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