Indian farmer dies after having 13 pounds of metal removed from his stomach

I’m no stomachologist, but I’m pretty sure ingesting 13-pounds of metal is not compatible with life.  Look at that, the guy died, so I was right.  Maybe I am a stomachologist.

Kamleshwar Singh, a farmer from the Indian state Chhattisgarh, was admitted to the hospital after complaining of crippling abdominal pain.  Singh had also suffered from many sleepless nights and appetite loss over the last month.  When surgeons opened him up they found a veritable cornucopia of metal sitting at the base of his stomach.

Here’s what the doctors found…

  • 431 coins
  • 196 pellets
  • 17 small bolts
  • 3 keys

Despite the surgeons best efforts, Singh passed away.  Before he died it was revealed he had been secretly ingesting the metallic contents found in his gastric system for the last 9 months.

Said Bhojram Dewangan, Director of Shreesti Institute of Medical Science and Research Centre, where Mr Singh was treated…

‘All the iron objects were lying at the base of his stomach. When we started the surgery, we thought we would find a few items.

‘But as we progressed, we were amazed to find such a huge number of coins and pellets had passed  into his intestines. Signs of chronic ulceration were apparent in the stomach.’

In the least surprising news of the day,  Mr. Singh had psychiatric problems, including possibly suffering from schizophrenia.

Word to the wise—never use your body as a human scrapyard.  Things won’t end well.



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