Despite terrible hair, British man sires 15th child

jamie cunningham
International 'Just The Tip' champion and bearer of awful hair Jamie Cumming.
jamie cumming

Jamie 'Just The Tip' Cumming, bearer of awful hair.

34-year-old Jamie Cumming is prolific, to say the least.  Living off national benefits in Britain, the man’s 15th child to a 19-year-old ex-girlfriend was born two weeks ago, and his current 19-year-old girlfriend is expected to give birth at any moment.  Just to add icing to that cake, a 17-year-old girl is expecting to give birth to his 17th child early next year.

Cumming’s siring campaign began in 1995, when he was just 17 years old.  Shortly after his first child was born, Cumming began an eight-year relationship with the mother’s cousin, but during this time he impregnated seven different women – none being his girlfriend.  After the relationship ended, Cumming began a new relationship which lasted six years and resulted in three more children, bringing the tally up to eleven.

But after that relationship apparently ended, Cumming embarked on yet another insemination spree, knocking up six additional women. According to the Daily Mail, relatives have pleaded with him to stop, but “believe he is addicted.”  Gee, you think? [Source]

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