London pub unveils first ever pee-controlled, urinal based video game

In a master stroke of genius, the Exhibit bar in South London has unveiled what it claims to be the first, and only, urinal based video game that men control with their stream of urine, guaranteed to make pee time not only satisfying, but fun as well.

Sorry about that ladies—maybe next time.

The owners of the bar hope that the pee-controlled games will attract new customers, while at the same time making return customers drink more so that they’ll be stationed at the urinal more frequently to play the video game.  And let’s not forget the added bonus of cleaner bathrooms that comes with men actually trying to aim their flow of urine into the urinal, and not everywhere but, like most times.

There are a few different games within the game, including a skiing game and trivia challenge.  Gamers can upload their scores to Twitter, but hopefully not while playing, lest they drop their phone in the toilet.

Here’s video of the video game urinals in action…

YouTube Preview Image

Now if only bars and restaurants would install flat screen TVs on the back of bathroom stall doors we’ll be all set.

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