Thanksgiving chair dispute allegedly ends in epic knife-broom showdown and felony charges

A Wisconsin man is said to have attacked a fellow guest at a Thanksgiving dinner table… for sitting in a chair that he believed to be his.

A criminal complaint filed in Racine County Court (Wisconsin) on Monday states that after the woman refused to vacate the seat in question, twenty-three-year-old Kendrick Carr began to throw things around his girlfriend’s apartment. It is said that he then ran to the kitchen, armed himself with a foot-long butcher knife and attempted to slash her. Thankfully, she was able to defend herself with a broom while Carr’s girlfriend called the police from a neighboring apartment.

Carr was subsequently charged with disorderly conduct, criminal damage to property and first degree reckless endangerment. If the charges hold, he can look forward to spending the next few Thanksgivings safely locked away behind bars – all five feet, four inches and 110 pounds of him. [Image]


C.S. Magor is the editor-in-chief and a reporter at large for We Interrupt and Uberreview. He currently resides in the Japanese countryside approximately two hours from Tokyo - where he has spent the better part of a decade testing his hypothesis that Japan is neither as quirky nor as interesting as others would have you believe.
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