Monster arrested, convicted after posting a want ad for a single mom to “abuse his children”

I thought I’d seen it all with yesterday’s news about a dude that stuck his 3 year old in a washing machine to punish him, but this guy is even weirder and makes me wonder if I’m stuck on a weird area of the Internet. Joel Gagne, an East Angus man (Quebec) was arrested and condemned to 18 months in jail for several charges, including possession and distribution of child pornography.

Incredibly, according to the article – in French but easily translateable thanks to Google – he was only arrested because he posted a want ad, looking for a single mom “to abuse his children”. Not only proving to all the world that he is a perverted pedophile, but also that he is mindblowingly stupid.

Stupid at a biblical level, Homer Simpson stupid. In fact, if you look up “stupid” on wikipedia, you might find his picture. I’m surprised that sadly, there’s no Facebook page under a name like Incredibly Stupid, with his burning effigy on it.

There should be. Especially if we consider that people caught downloading illegal MP3s off a peer to peer network are eligible to 5 years in jail, and this monster has only been condemned to 18 months. It’s a nicely balanced combination of justice and complete babbling idiocy.


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