One year until the Mayan apocalypse, have you made a bucket list?

Well it’s here, the last year of our existence according to the Mayan calendar. Yes, in one year exactly, their calendar ends, which some interpret to mean that the world will end, taking our poor souls with it. Lots of people believe in this prophecy, some less than others.

Question is, have you made your bucket list?

What would you do if you knew for absolute sure, that the world would end within a year? Would you bother to “waste” time learning any new skill or would you simply drink yourself to oblivion? Would you look for ways to save yourself and your loved ones or would you simply throw your hands in the air and say: “F**k it.” (read it by using Robin Williams’ voice in your head for better effect!) hoping for a quick,  painless death?

I know in my case I’d probably want to spend the last days I have with my friends, family and other loved ones. Likely spend the last year trying stuff I’ve always said I’d try before I die, stuff like Sushi, buffalo meat or a real Karaoke in Japan. Stuff like going to the beach, throwing my clothes in the water, and running around naked until the police catch me and takes me back home.

Stuff like participating in the Gumball 3000 challenge, in “Wayne”, Cookie’s 1993 Suzuki Sidekick, or stuff like urethral sounding, nipple electrocution, or attending a Steve Martin Bluegrass concert.

Regardless though, it doesn’t actually matter if the apocalypse happens or not, the Escape Earth 2012 tickets are a nice idea to put in a Christmas card and having a bucket list is never a bad idea, as long as no bridges are burned in the process. So here’s looking forwards to seeing all the rest of the bucket lists from our millions of avid readers, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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