Man pulls out a mouse along with his cash during an ATM transaction

First things first—is the mouse included in the ATM transaction fee, or is there a whole separate charge for taking out rodents?

Yes, this actually happened to a gentleman in Sweden as he was retrieving some money from an ATM machine.  Gholam Hafezi was quite shocked when, after pocketing his 700 Swedish Kroner, he pulled what he believed to be a string hanging from the cash dispenser, only to discover it was in fact the tail of a mouse.  Startled, Hafezi ran to a local grocery store for help, only to be shunned by the store employees.  Eventually they came around and helped Hafezi remove the rest of the mouse from the machine.

Said Hafezi (via The Huffington Post)…

“One of them pulled out the mouse, and its head was left intact, although it was a little bloody. Then I got out my receipt,” Hafezi told the paper.

Good job by Hafezi to remember to grab that receipt, just in case the cops came sniffing around about the battered rodent.  Never leave a paper trail people…write that down.

Despite the fact that the creature had been ejected out of a cash dispensing machine, Hafezi was unsure whether or not the mouse had survived his ordeal.  Considering that he yanked the poor thing’s tail off, and the animal’s head was a bit bloody, collapsible bones or not, I’m going to say that mouse is as dead as Tom Arnold’s career.

*drops mic, signals touchdown, walks off stage*

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