Teen runaway from Texas accidentally deported to Columbia

giving a fake name went very wrong for Jakadrien Turner

giving a fake name went very wrong for Jakadrien Turner

Anyone thinking of giving a fake name to the cops when arrested should read this post very carefully….

Jakadrien Turner, presumably upset by her parents divorce, ran away from home in 2010. For what I can tell she was 13 years old. The Texas native made it to Houston before being arrested by police for theft. That’s when the teen gave police a false name which turned out to be the name of a Colombian woman illegally in the U.S.  Red flags went off and the police sent her to the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency (ICE) who then had her deported to Columbia.

Deported to Columbia… oh my how things went so wrong. As a co-worker just said, “What an unfortunate comedy of errors.”

It’s now 2012, Turner is 15 and apparently being held by The Colombian Institute for Family Welfare. The ICE is looking into it saying they take accusations like this very seriously. Which is all fine and good but how did it really all come to this?

Turner was around 13 at the time of the arrest. The Colombian national she was mistaken for was 22. Turner speaks no Spanish. Spanish is the language spoken in Colombia. Turner is African-American. Colombians are… well, Colombian.  How was it that not one person in an official capacity picked up on these not so small differences? I mean, sure people pretend they can’t speak Spanish but they must have been able to do some sort of testing to show she really didn’t know it. I mean, come on folks, this is a kid you’re talking about, probably scared to death of the trouble she was going to get in for running away and then getting arrested. Seriously, this makes no sense.

So it looks like for about two years Turner’s parents have thought she was a runaway and were worried sick about where their little girl was (at least we hope that is the case as most parents would feel that way but there are a select few who missed out on the parental instinct gene.)

Let’s hope Turner makes it home safe and sound very soon… and let this be a lesson to those who are tempted to use fake names to the cops. Pick something very American sounding.  Source.



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