Austrian man saws off own foot, throws it in oven to get out of having to find a job

Some people will go to extremes to get out of doing work, whether it be at their job, around the house, or otherwise, but the lengths that 56-year-old Austrian native Hans Url went to in order to continue receiving unemployment benefits takes the proverbial cake.

Url was told by unemployment officials that his benefits were to run out if he didn’t accept a job located for him by an employment locating agency.  This didn’t sit too well with Url, who claimed he was too sick to work.  Officials called his bluff, offering to give him a medical examination, so Url took things up a notch, coming up with a surefire way of getting out of work.  And by surefire, I mean potentially life threatening and completely insane.

After rigging up his mitre saw, Url sawed off his own foot, then tossed it in the oven so doctors wouldn’t be able to reattach the severed appendage.  The plan would be fiendishly clever if it didn’t involve sawing off your own foot and nearly bleeding to death.  You know what, maybe clever isn’t the right word to describe Url’s plan.

From the Daily Mail

Police spokesman Franz Fasching said: ‘The planning was meticulous.

‘He waited until his wife and his adult son had left the house and he was alone.

‘He then switched it on and sliced off his left foot above the ankle – throwing it in the fire so it would not be possible to reattach it before he called emergency services.

‘He then made his way to the garage where he called emergency services and waited for them to arrive.

Url nearly bled to death, and, of course, surgeons were unable to reattach the badly burned foot. So the plan worked out for Url after all, except for one small thing—the job center hasn’t ruled out Url’s ability to work, missing foot and all.

Maybe he should have cut off his head to get out of having to get a job.  Doesn’t sound like he was using it much anyway.


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