Kuwait celebrates Kazakhstan’s shooting gold with playing of Borat’s anthem [video]

In case you didn’t know, Kazakhstan totally blew away the opposition in an international shooting competition in Kuwait yesterday – and in so doing played there part in creating the most awkward medal ceremony – EVER (and someone was kind enough to post it on YouTube).

For whatever reason, the national anthem that they had on file was wrong – really, really wrong. If you didn’t read the title you might be thinking that they accidentally picked the national anthem of one of the other ‘stans, or another country starting with “K” – but no, it was much worse than that… they picked Borat’s version, which sounds nothing like the original and celebrates such glorious benefits of Kazakh citizenship as access to really good quality potassium and the cleanest prostitutes in the region (except for Turkmenistan). That is not really the song you want to hear when you just kicked ass for your country. Fortunately for all concerned, the woman on the podium seemed to take it like a trooper – she still won gold after all.

Meanwhile someone was stupid enough to let Borat’s version play all the way through to the end… I’m guessing that he or she is both embarrassed and fired.

Footage from Kuwait

YouTube Preview Image

Borat’s Kazakhstan Anthem

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