Chinese gangster loses phone, pictures go viral

the supposed gansta with his stash

the supposed gansta with his stash

Let’s say you’re a gangster. You’ve chosen a life of crime, debauchery and violence as your path to success and avoidance of criminal punishment. While the thrill of the job might get you going every morning (or afternoon because I’m sure you pull different hours than regular Joe’s) there are a few things you might want to remember. Like, for instance, you’re breaking the law on a regular basis so taking pictures that could incriminate you might be a no-no. Especially on your cell phone.

picture found on supposed gangster's cell phone

I know, I’m not a criminal and I know you want to be like everyone else taking pictures with your fancy iPhone or android because you too deserve to immortalize your accomplishments. Heck, you’re already limited to the amount of social networking sites you can use because those damn law keepers are creeping you on Facebook. But hey, if you take those pictures and loose your phone you could be up a murky, smelly creek without any paddles to be found.

And the thing is, when someone finds your phone and those pictures of you doing bad things, they won’t think twice about posting them on Facebook for all the world to see. Let’s face it, they aren’t the ones in the pictures. And they could be an enemy of yours who really wants you to get busted so they can take over your game. Don’t doubt for a second that these shots won’t go viral, because if cute dog pictures can then supposed gangsta photo ops are so making the grade.

supposed gangster poses in porsche, picture found on his lost cell phone

Just a thought, Mr. Chinese gangster with the tats in the Porsche and the pictures of you beating up a guy saved on that phone that you lost,  next time you might want to stick to creating mental images of these conquests. Those can’t get lost.  [Source]


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