Fisherman loses prosthetic arm only to get it back after another angler catches fish with fake arm still attached

Take your best fishing story, or the best secondhand fishing story you’ve ever heard, and they still won’t be as tremendous as this one belonging to Jack Wiseman, amateur fisherman and member of the Wounded Warriors.

Wiseman was a participant in the Professional Tarpon Tournament Series at Boca Grande Pass this past weekend, and even though he wasn’t a seasoned angler like most of the derby entrants, the vet still managed to snag himself a tarpon…a rather feisty, rather strong tarpon that managed to yank the rod, and the prosthetic arm it was attached to, right off of Wiseman’s body.


Wiseman has a prosthetic arm and Saturday morning he was reeling in a tarpon when the fish proved too much.

“All of a sudden the hand snapped off the prosthetic device, still hooked to the rod, and the rod and the reel and the hand went down into the water,” said Wiseman.

His friends had a good chuckle at Wiseman’s expense, but everything managed to work out OK for the military man in the end, as a fellow fisherman was able to hook the same fish with the rod, and Wiseman’s arm, still attached.  The nearly lost  limb was returned to its rightful owner, and Wiseman and his seven buddies have already been invited back for next year’s tournament.  Hopefully next time Wiseman is able to keep all limbs, fake or not, in and on his person for the entire fishing derby.


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