Teen Mom smokes Pot, Drives Away with 5-Week Old Baby On Roof Of Car

And nominee for Bad Parent of the Year is… Catalina Clouser from Phoenix, Arizona. Nominated for driving her car with her five-week old baby on the roof. Yes, the baby fell off.

The 19-year old admits she was smoking marijuana the night of the incident, which wasn’t intentional. No, it was an accident, instigated by hanging out with friends, smoking pot until 1a.m., with baby in tow.

Ummm… ever heard of babysitters?

As the story goes, Clouser and her boyfriend were smoking up in a public park on a Friday night. Little baby boy was with them. The duo decided to drive to get some beer. That’s when boyfriend was pulled over and charged with a DUI.

Instead of going home (I mean it wasn’t even midnight yet) Clouser took her infant to another friend’s house where they smoked more weed.

When it was time to go home, Clouser took her wee little boy who was asleep in his car seat, and set on home. Putting him on the roof of the car she then got in the driver’s seat and drove away – forgetting the baby was on the roof.

After getting home, Clouser realized the baby wasn’t there and basically freaked out. She called friends and tried to retrace her steps until finally the police found the baby, remarkably unhurt.

Phoenix Police officer, James Holmes says, “The officers did find that the car seat was damaged. There were scrapes on the car seat, obviously from a fall. We’re thinking that based on her possible impairment, she just didn’t realize that she had placed that baby at one o’clock in the morning on top of the car when she took off.”

Baby boy is not in the hands of Arizona Child Protective Services and Mama is charged with aggravated DUI and child abuse. Perhaps some parenting lessons are in Clouser’s future.  [Source ]


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