Vampire skeletons found in Bulgaria

Vampire cartoon courtesy of deviantart, by Paulh18

Vampire cartoon courtesy of deviantart, by Paulh18

Two skeletons, with metal spears embedded in their thoracic cage have been unearthed near the city of Sozopol, by the Black Sea in Bulgaria. The medieval skeletons, nailed to the bottom of their caskets, are believed to be of potential vampires.

Back in those days it was customary in certain regions of Bulgaria, to nail recently deceased people that were considered “evil” to their coffins during the first night of their burial, in order to prevent them from raising as vampires.

The custom, no doubt started by a deceased woman’s son-in-law, remained in practice until the first part of the 20th century, according to Bojidar Dimitrov, curator of the Bulgarian national historical museum. Apparently about 100 such skeletons have been found in recent years.

Mr Dimitrov didn’t say if tests to determine their vampirism would include exposing them to sunlight to see if they “glitter.”


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