Idaho man charged with placing an ad to have his own wife raped

I’ve been alive for a little while now, and incessantly, each time something amazes me, I wind up dumbfounded. Case and point this man from Idaho, USA who has placed an advert on Craigslist, posing as a woman with a rape fetish and then exchanging emails with the men who had responded in order to arrange the assault.

He was caught and charged by police with solicitation of rape and burglary.

His identity was withheld in order to protect the potential victim, but Twin Falls police were called twice within three days but only one would be rapist was caught. The first man fled after the woman’s handgun went off during a struggle, however the second man was arrested as he was being held at gunpoint by the woman when police arrived.

According to police, the husband had instructed the second man to force his way into the home, rape the woman and “not stop no matter how much she resisted.”

And they say that guns are dangerous…


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