Man Kills 70,000 Chickens in Drunken Stupor

After waking up from a night of drunken debauchery in Delmar, Maryland, Joshua Shelton learned he is now to be forever known as The Chicken Murderer.

It’s a well deserved title as Shelton killed 70,000 chickens in his intoxicated state by cutting the power lines to three coops which caused the chickens to starve.  Which… ummm… makes me wonder how long this guy passed out for and how much a chicken needs to eat before it starves itself…

Shelton has been charged and held on $75,000 bail for the crime against the chickens and the farmer who owned them. And seeing as how he passed out on the farm he did the deed it was pretty easy to find him.

There is one bright side for Shelton… not many men can say they “choked the chicken” 70,000 times.  Source.

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