Students Accused Of Giving Unsuspected Class Pot Brownies

Colorado might be liberal enough to make the use of marijuana legal, but nothing condones the cooking of it in brownies and then feeding it to your unsuspecting college classmates and teacher. In fact, it’s still a major criminal offense to do so. Just as 21-year old Thomas Cunningham and 19-year old Mary Essa.

The two accused pranksters were arrest on charges of second degree assault, fraudulently inducing the consumption of a controlled substance and conspiracy charges, after apparently bringing pot brownies to class and feeding them to unsuspecting people. It was bring food to class day and those that ate the brownies had no idea what was in them, thus, couldn’t explain why they felt so messed up.

Three people were sent to hospital complaining of dizziness, black-outs and anxiety attacks. Even the female teacher at the University of Colorado couldn’t figure out what was wrong with her as she kept coming in and out of consciousness. Very scary for anyone especially when you have no idea why it’s happening.

University police spokesperson, Ryan Huff, told media the prank was no laughing matter.

“If someone views this as a prank, it’s no laughing matter,” he said. “These (charges) are all felonies which carry potential prison time.”

In total five students and the professor all fell ill, three went to hospital and were released later. However, the implications for the university are a little more serious.

University of Colorado president, Bruce Benson, explained that because pot was still illegal in the federal government’s eyes it could effect their funding grants.  “Marijuana threatens to cost the university nearly a billion dollars annually in federal revenue, money we can ill afford to lose,”he said. [ Source]




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