Chinese man kept alive since 2007 by hand pumping a manual ventilator

Fu Xuepeng was only 25 when he was struck by an automobile as he was riding his motorcycle to a store. He suffered near fatal injuries and had to be placed on a Ventilator after undergoing extensive surgery. Sadly though his family is extremely poor and he is not only very dependent on help from them, but also paralysed from the neck down, needing a ventilator to even breathe.

After four months on a hospital ventilator, his family was forced to bring him home as they were getting overwhelmed by medical bills, so they bought a manual bag ventilator, similar to those used by paramedics to assist with injured people. They have been manually pumping air into his lungs for the past five years.

They’ve also rigged an electric system driven by a pulley that pumps the bag automatically a few hours a day, but they cannot afford electricity to keep it running 24/7.

Now after five years a blog that documented the family’s predicament caught the attention of a ventilator manufacturer that has pledged to donate one to Fu Xuopeng’s family. Also a fundraising effort has been put into place in order to assist the family financially.

This is only the latest health scandal emerging from China after news of a Chinese man who has been kept alive by his homemade dialysis machine for 13 years.

To think I thought I was clever for inventing a way to ventilate my windows to prevent them from fogging up in the winter…


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