University Student Gets Drunk, Fries Hamster, Gets Charged

Sometimes you drink too much and you do stupid things like run around in your underwear, kiss the bloke you don’t like or if you’re James White you fry up your pet hamster.

That’s what the 21-year old student did one night when he was so loaded he claims he can barely remember what happened.

It’s not clear if he was with other people at the time he decided he’d fry up the hamster like a slab of bacon but someone must have ratted on the young man otherwise authorities wouldn’t have been notified.

Unable to determine if the hamster died from being fried or died from being handled by White before hitting the element, the judge found him guilty of hamster murder before the frying and sentenced him to 120-hour of community service.

Hopefully no one will sell him a hamster again. Or any pet for that matter. That way he can’t hurt anything again when he’s drank himself to the “point of madness.” [ Source ]


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