Woman Allegedly Stabs Boyfriend After April Fools Joke Goes Wrong

April Fools, what a trickster you are.  But sometimes those tricks aren’t so harmless.

Eighteen year old Tori Wheeler is in jail after she stabbed her boyfriend (allegedly) with a knife and bit him twice thanks to his not liking her April Fools joke of choice.

You see Wheeler told her boyfriend, Derek Baurer, she was pregnant. He didn’t like the news or presumably the fact it was a joke and got mad.

This is when Wheeler started waving a knife in the air, something Wheeler says was also a joke until the fight got more escalated and she sliced him across the throat and bit him twice.

Ummmm… so you played a prank that made someone mad and you’re the one doing the stabbing. Interesting turn of events in the not so funny way of pranks that fail.

Baurer was sent to hospital where he got 7 stitches and Wheeler has been charged with assault. Neither should celebrate April Fools again.  [ Source ]

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