German police spot car driving around with built-in swimming pool

car pool

Obvious car pool joke is obvious.

A German motorcycle cop couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw a vehicle pass him as he was on patrol in the town of Blauenthal just south of Berlin. The convertible BMW contained four men, all of whom appeared to be frolicking in the car’s built-in pool as it cruised down the road, because air conditioning, at least in Germany, is so 2012.

The men pulled the car over after being spotted and jumped in a river, according to Chemnitz police spokesman Frank Fischer. They were busted when one of the swimmers came back to get his clothes. Fischer said the investigation into whether or not the driver of the car was drunk at the time.

Drunk or sober, at least he was staying relatively cool and refreshed. The bigger question here is figuring out what’s worse, building a mobile pool out of a BMW, or making a time machine out of a DeLorean?

[The Province]



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