Woman Asked To Proove Sex When Renewing Driver’s License

When Nakia Grimes of Georgia, USA, went to renew her driver’s license just before her 37th birthday and she would have been flattered to have the clerk say, “Oh you can’t be 37!” Not, “I’m sorry, but could you please prove you are a woman?”

This is exactly what a clerk did.

The mix up came from Grimes’ birth certificate which thanks to a error had her sex listed as a man. Grimes took the birth certificate to Vital Statistics and asked for them to change it. The clerk said not until you prove your a woman by getting a pap smear, a doctor’s note and having them both notarized.

Obviously Grimes wasn’t up for all the hoopla to prove she’s a woman and she was able to convince someone at the office to look at her son’s birth certificate and find the documentation that she’s the mother… a feat only a woman can accomplish.

Mix-up sorted, Grimes now has her driver’s license and says she can enjoy her birthday as an official woman in the eyes of the feds.”  [ Source. ]

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