There’s an app for those: Simulate breast augmentation from your iPhone

Ever wonder what your girlfriend would look like with a C or D-cup?  Dream no longer: A new iPhone app enables the user to simulate the effects of breast implants with a ‘before-and-after’ photo.

Dr. Elizabeth Kinsey developed the tool, which works with a photo of the original breasts, then features a scrolling bar which gradually increases the size.  According to the article, “The app, which also links to surgeons in the area, allows users to post the augmented pictures to Facebook so friends and family can weigh in on the new look.”

Indeed!  What better way to convince your significant other to crank up the cleavage than through awkward Facebook photo comments from your little brother, your mother, and that guy you both met at a party?  Personally though, I think the prank potential is what sets this app apart from the rest. How much more amusement would be afforded by virtually augment the said little brother or party attendee? [Yahoo; Image]

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