Canadian mayor gives ex biggest rock of her life, now faces criminal charges

something says this rock isn't what she asked for

Perhaps she got the rock she deserved but for sure it was nothing like the rock she wanted.

Isabelle Prevost woke up on her birthday to find a 20-tonne boulder on her lawn. Gift wrapped with a huge pink bow with birthday wishes spray-painted on the side “Bonne Fete Isa xx” (Happy Birthday Isa.)

It’s a gift from her ex-husband of three years, Dany Lariviere, mayor of Saint-Theodore-d’Acton, east of Montreal in Quebec.

Lariviere says he gave it to her so she’d leave him alone.

“That’s the biggest rock she’ll ever get in her life.” he says.

According to the small town mayor, he paid a large sum of money during their divorce so he could get shared custody of his kids and his ex is still harassing him.

Prevost’s parents say they’re “disgusted” with the so called gift and that Prevost is so upset to talk to media about the incident. (If you ask me that silence is a sign of someone who knows that rock makes a big point.)

Police are still investigating the incident to see if criminal charges are warranted since Larivere refuses to remove the rock.

Well, it is a gift. Many people would die for a rock garden center-piece.[The Star]


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