Is it only sexist when men do it?

The last few months have been an orgy of bad news for “Girl Power” advocates around the world. Firstly with the aquittal in Orlando of Casey Anthony, a woman who didn’t kill her 2 year old daughter. Then last month came the case of the women on CBS’s The Talk, where Sharon Osbourne and friends give thumbs up to Catherine Kieu for cutting off her husband’s penis and throwing it in the garbage disposal, also known as a garburator here in Canada. Kieu did this because her husband asked for a divorce.

I’m not sure what his penis had to do with the divorce request but it reminded me of the Lorena Bobbitt saga, infamous during Roseanne Barr’s glory days, for cutting off her cheating husband’s penis. In Bobbitt’s case though, doctors were able to reattach the penis, and from what I remember he even went on to become somewhat of a pornographic movie actor.

About CBS’s The Talk, the only redeeming quality from the video I saw, and that is not available anywhere at this point, probably because it was pulled by CBS’s lawyers, is that Sara Gilbert, also of Roseanne fame, pulled back the others by stating that they had to be careful because their conversation could be interpreted as sexist. In the words of Will Smith: “Duh! You think?”

So now comes the acquittal by Judge Sue Pullen of Laura O’Donnell, who had simultaneous druken sex with four teenage boys, all minors, after getting them drunk to limit their inhibitions. Am I the only one that thinks that maybe, if Charlie Sheen had drunken sex with four teenage girls, there would be people rioting, looting and protesting in front of any court that might even consider aquitting him?

Or is it only sexist when men do it?



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