Man arrested after hiring strippers for son’s wedding

stippers in China - the latest party trick

stippers in China - the latest party trick

From funerals to weddings, strippers are becoming the in thing in China.

So when an entertainment company showed Zhang Cheng, from Xuzhou in eastern Jiangsu province, what adding a couple of strippers to the live band could do to enhance a party, he thought it was a great addition …for his son’s wedding,

What he didn’t anticipate was the reaction from the villagers. No, they weren’t appalled, they were intrigued. Quickly after the performance started the wedding was crashed by hundreds of the townspeople trying to get a glimpse of the exotic show.

The show went on, the party continued, and Cheng went home being happy his son was now a married man.

Until the morning when police arrived and arrested him… for what no one is sure as it doesn’t say what charge he’s been arrested on. One might deduct it was due to the frenzy cause by the dancing girls or perhaps the police were angered they didn’t get a front row center invitation.


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