Mom’s sister prevents hospital from accidentally disposing of live baby

a baby like this was mistakenly thought dead

a baby like this was mistakenly thought dead

It’s the stuff of nightmares – a mother’s worst nightmare.

A hospital in China mistakenly thought a newborn baby was dead and disposed of it without a proper examination.

Lui Dongmei was rushed to hospital in Foshun with internal bleeding and stomach cramps. She was in labour and although she was only eight months pregnant she gave birth to a boy.  The baby was purple, wasn’t crying and appeared to not be breathing and this must have been what prompted the doctors to declare the baby dead and dispose of it without showing Dongmei.

Doctors also told the grieving mother the baby was a girl (it was in fact a boy), presumably because in China having a son is considered a prized child due to the country’s one child policy.

It was only after Dongmei’s sister insisted on seeing the baby that it was discovered the infant was still breathing. Thankfully he is now in stable condition.

The hospital hasn’t issued any apology, statement or explanation as to the mix-up.


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