Relationship hitman with dump your partner for you

Meet John Kiekbusch. He’s suave, a marketing executive from the United Kingdom and he’s a professional relationship hitman. For a price, he will go in and tell your significant other that this just ain’t working anymore. 

Yes, he is the relationship hitman. The one who kills the love when the love is dwindling. If you can’t break things off with your partner, this is the man you call.

For the minimal price of 5 pounds plus 20 more for expenses, the Brighton native will have a one hour face to face conversation with the person you’re breaking up with, and tell them it’s over when you can’t.

Kiekbusch tells reporters the idea came to him after a bad break-up. It might actually be something he’s destined to do since he’s the friend everyone turns to for advice in the ending it department. Why not make some money off of it.

He’s got a 100% success rate for his style of break-up where he also sees himself as a mediator making the dumped feel better about the whole thing when it’s all over.

There are some rules. Keikbusch won’t get involved in complicated situations like infidelity and he does an interview with each potential client so he knows what he’s getting into. If he’s got any funny feeling about the whole thing, he just doesn’t go there.

But don’t think his clients are cowards.

‘Some people might call these guys spineless but I see them as caring people who cannot bring themselves to hurt someone they once cared for,’ he says in an interview with The Sun.

‘I’m always surprised at how easy it has been for me to deliver the bad news and what little fall-out there is. I know there are some who will think people should do their own breaking up as a mark of respect for the relationship they shared,” he continues, “But I think it’s better to take the heat out of a potentially volatile and upsetting situation. I believe in love and think people shouldn’t waste their time in a bad relationship. I’m the voice of reason, for hire.”  [Source]

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