Italy brings us world’s smallest car, fits in an elevator, can be driven through your office

Italian company Volpecar has designed the world’s smallest car. Electric, it looks like a bug and fits in an elevator. The tiny two seater takes up only 2 square meters of road space and is easy to park. Its specs are still under development so there’s no indication of top speed, time to charge or pricing yet, but for downtown dwellers this car could be what is right for everyone.

That is of course if the price is right. For now electric cars are incredibly overpriced, because of both the lack of demand and their mechanical complexity as well as the price of batteries vs the demand for performance.

Today, the manufacturing process for a Prius actually creates more carbon emissions than the one for a Hummer H2. Of course over the life of the vehicle this carbon emission unbalance is offset but it does take several years for it to catch up. I’m not saying everyone should rush off and buy a Hummer, but I am saying though, that there should be a certain balance in what we drive. I doubt anyone needs to commute to and from his office job in a 7.3l Hemi powered truck…


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