Amazon ships assault rifle instead of television

This is Seth Horvitz of Washington D.C., proudly displaying the high caliber assault rifle that was shipped to him by mistake.

Seth recently became the proud, temporary owner of a brand new Sig Sauer SIG716 semi-automatic carbine. Unfortunately for Seth, he had been planning on accepting delivery of a brand new 39″ Westinghouse television.

Anyway, the mistaken delivery put Horvitz in something of a predicament: Washington D.C. has fairly strict gun laws and assault rifles are strictly verboten. Transporting them around the city is also a criminal offense, so driving it back to UPS could have gotten him in serious trouble – thus Seth did the sensible thing and called the police and they turned up to confiscate the $2,132 rifle… leaving Seth without his gun or a television.

According to, Amazon has declined to comment on what they are doing to remedy the situation. Hopefully it involves a public spanking of whomever was responsible for the screw up (the gun was left in the hallway outside of Seth’s apartment by the way) and a bigger and better television for Seth, because 39 inches doesn’t really cut it in this day and age.

–Thanks Jon! [Source]

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