Thief Gets Caught After Leaving T-Shirt with his Picture on it at Crime Scene: BUSTED

In the world of the stupid criminal an American man has learned leaving a t-shirt with your face on it in the house you just robbed is a sure fire way to get caught.

Jonathan Huntley and an unnamed suspect broke into a home on March 29th where they went from room to room helping themselves to things that weren’t theirs. At some point Huntley thought it was a good idea to take off his shirt, which was black with a fake mug shot featuring his unsmiling face and the phrase “Making money is my thang.”

Thing is Huntley forgot to collect the shirt when him and his accomplice left.

Hiding in the house was the victim who quickly found the shirt. Calling police he was undoubtedly happy to give them a picture perfect description of Huntley in the form of his photo tee.

Police posted the picture on the Internet and over the TV and Huntley in a moment of clarity realized he wasn’t getting out of this one and turned himself.

Which leads one to wonder what is stupider – wearing a t-shirt with your picture on it or stripping when robbing a house. [Dumbass Daily]


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