Sweet, sweet justice: Florida homeowners foreclose on Bank of America

The ideal resolution to our foreclosure crisis.

The ideal resolution to our foreclosure crisis.

In a brilliantly poetic twist on the mortgage crisis, two Florida homeowners managed to foreclose upon – and nearly repossess the assets of – one Bank of America location in return for their own attempt to foreclose upon the couple’s home.

The troubles for the Nyergers began when Bank of America filed foreclosure papers upon their home, despite the fact that the couple had no mortgage whatsoever.  Once they proved to the court that their home had been paid for with cash, a judge ordered Bank of America to pay the Florida couple’s legal fees.

Five months and no recouped legal fees later, the Nyergers’ lawyer, Todd Allen, assembled movers and deputies to Bank of America, prepared to do exactly what BofA had tried doing to the Nyergers: Foreclose on the property.

While the Bank of America manager cut Allen a check for the legal fees before the team was able to properly confiscate desks, chairs, computers, cabinets, and even money in drawers, in his words:

As a foreclosure defense attorney this is sweet justice.

Sweet justice indeed.  Maybe Bank of America will think twice next time they auto-sign foreclosure papers. 

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    HAHA, This is great, Bank of America is the worst bank I’ve ever dealt with.  I purposely refinanced to get away from BOA and cancelled BOA credit cards and found some awsome banks to do business with, and less than 2 years later BOA bought out all of my debtors and again the customer service went to SH%T.  

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