Groom arrested at his own wedding for being in contact with bride

You might be a redneck if your wedding arch is built with mini-kegs.

In a redneck variation of Romeo & Juliet, Billy Rutherford was arrested on Wednesday as he waited to exchange marriage vows with his fiancee in a Macon County courtroom.

Rutherford was violating terms of his bail by being near his fiancee.  He had been charged in March with aggravated domestic battery, having reportedly beaten the fiancee for an entire day, and was allowed to post bail on the condition that he’d stay away from her.  He was arrested again later that month for violating the order.  Now, once again, he’s in jail for violating his bail terms.

I’m trying to figure out how the two planned to be married if they could not legally be in contact; the way I see it, where there’s a will (and a couple of plane tickets to Tijuana), there’s a way. [Source; Image]

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